MailPress 6.0 rc

This is a release candidate of MailPress 6.0

It should work on last wordpress release and php >=5.3.3 (swiftmailer last php5 release requirement).

Tested under php 7.2.3 and wordpress trunk.

Major changes are :

  • fixing the security exploit (i asked for a review by wp plugin team)
  • help in admin screens now available and contextual depending of which add-ons and/or tabs (settings) or field (form) are activated.
  • code cleaning (php & html)
  • some admin pages are now sticking to the wp layout (theme, revision)
  • some classes renamed
  • some add-ons integrated and/or suppressed
  • html to text conversion completely reviewed
  • mailpress/mp-includes/action.php is not supported anymore, this means that the links in your old mails will point to a file that may not work. You may have to code a little bit to make it work on your site.

and last but not least, if you are using an external scheduler for one or all your batches (Settings > MailPress > Batches), the former url pointing to mailpress/mp-includes/action.php has changed for security reasons and must be modified in your external scheduler (url(s) provided in Settings > MailPress > Batches).

For tests only ! Thank you for your feedback.

Download MailPress 6.0 beta (30)
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Happy Birthday BASIC … and working on MailPress 6.0

I have been working (hard) on MailPress these days, and reviewing most of the code …

Here are samples of twitter embedded in mails (which was broken)

Continue reading

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MailPress 5.4.6 rc download link

Here is the current dev version of MailPress

Download MailPress 5.4.6 RC (3510)
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MailPress temporarily withdrawn from the WordPress plugin repository

One month ago, i received a mail from Mika (plugin referee at telling me that MailPress was temporarily withdrawn from the WordPress plugin repository due to an exploit/vulnerability. Continue reading

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Preparing MailPress 5.4.3

I am currently working on MailPress 5.4.3

This version will introduce a new add on called “Batch spool send”.
It implements a feature (spool) introduced in Swiftmailer more than a year ago. Continue reading

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MailPress 5.4.2

Just released MailPress 5.4.2

This version fixes a bug in mailinglist dropdown lists introduced by changes in WordPress 4.2 (latest version of WorPress is 4.2.1, upgrade due to a vulnerability in comments) .

This version also brings a new feature when using the Embed add-on. Youtube videos are now inserted with a thumbnail where a “play” button has been inserted (requires php extension ‘GD‘).

embedding youtube (before)

embedding youtube (before)

embedding youtube (after)

embedding youtube (after)

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WordPress 4.2 and MailPress

4 days ago, WordPress introduced a new version : 4.2 .

A tiny change in the taxonomy toolbox (support of parameter ‘name’ in get_terms() function) changed the behavior of MailPress when using Mailinglist add-on .

This impacts mostly dropdown lists where mailinglists are involved.

A fix currently under test is available in the WP plugin repository as the Development version.

It can also be downloaded at this link.

MailPress 5.4.2 should be available in a few days – as the current MailPress version – if no other bugs are reported.

Thank you for your support.


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WordPress 3.7 released

with MailPress 5.4 compatible here.

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WordPress 3.6 RC2 released

and MailPress 5.4 almost ready for test purpose only here.

Please test it on your dev sites and report any bug in the comments.

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WikiMail : easy newsletter e-mailing management

Aellio has set up a very good professional emailing tool : WikiMail. This tool combines the strengths of WordPress and MailPress connected to Amazon Simple Email Services servers giving a simple and efficient online Newsletters e-mailing tool. It includes all MailPress functions without the burden of :

  • Installing WordPress
  • Setting up MailPress
  • Compatibility issues between WordPress version and MailPress version
  • Being spammed
  • Facing limitation of recipients number because of hosting memory limitation

Free trial without commitment for one month.

After one month free trial, unlimited number of emails can be sent at the price of 1 USD per 100 recipients per month:

  • Unlimited campaigns of newsletters can be sent to hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of people.
  • Full offer covers free mail models, full statistics including geolocalization of recipients, scheduling of shipments, managing wrong addresses, duplicates, spam mailings, full one year history, etc.


Aellio is, by far, the biggest donator for MailPress in 2012.

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