MailPress 5.3 beta 1

As there are no big changes in WordPress 3.4 trunk, I release today MailPress 5.3 beta 1 for beta testers.
I am currently using this MailPress version on this blog (WP 3.3.1).
Change log :

  • Switmailer 4.1.5
  • bug fix : subscription form now working when javascript or ajax not activated
  • Code Reviews & changes
    • use of checked() function
    • mp themes review + new mp theme TwentyTwelve
    • New Mail > new way to add mailinglists (see 3 new add-ons)
    • new ip geolocation provider : (required : 2 constants MP_Ip_quova_ApiKey & MP_Ip_quova_Secret)
    • useragent search engine, datas, icons, new tracking modules
  • Add-Ons
    • MailPress_comment : now subscription to comments can be checked by default (see settings)
    • MailPress_tracking : new modules for mail & user (System info II + Domain recipients)
    • !!NEW!! MailPress_comment_newsletter_subscription : Subscribe to a default newsletter from comment form
    • !!NEW!! MailPress_mailinglist_country_code : New Mail > add mailing lists based on country code (beware ! IP geolocation search is not 100% accurate)
    • !!NEW!! MailPress_mailinglist_US_state : New Mail > add mailing lists based on US State (beware ! IP geolocation search is not 100% accurate)
    • !!NEW!! MailPress_mailinglist_user_role : New Mail > add mailing lists based on wp user roles (beware ! Sync_wordpress_user add-on STRONGLY required)
    • !!NEW!! MailPress_wp_fromemail : New Mail > FROM email & name replaced by current user wp values
    • !!NEW!! MailPress_write_edit_fromemail : New Mail > make FROM email and name editable (info ! use Roles_and_capabilities add-on for fine tuning new capability ‘MailPress_write_edit_fromemail’)
  • Custom Post Types
    • preparing dedicated “newsletters for custom post type” integration …
Download MailPress 5.3 beta 1 (224)
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