MailPress 5.3 beta 3 : Twitter oembed integration !

MailPress 5.3 will be able to embed tweets just like WordPress 3.4 (using Embed add-on)!/mailpress_org/status/193951496176549888/photo/1

nb : this blog is using WP 3.3.2

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MailPress 5.3 beta 3 : oembed integration !

About oembed integration

WordPress embeds videos and photos in posts from sites such as youtube, dailymotion etc … (more on WordPress embedding)
New add-on Embed, is using some WP ressources, to embed videos and photos using thumbnails when provided by the oembed hosts api

such as this one (click on post link to see how it renders in WP) :

Download MailPress 5.3 beta 3 (1514)


About custom post type integration

Continue reading

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MailPress 5.3 beta 2 : post_type integration !

Due to custom post type integration, if you have any customized file in your MailPress installation, you will need to be cautious.

As stated in the readme.txt file that few of you are reading …, do the followings when doing your MailPress upgrade : Continue reading

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MailPress 5.3 beta 1

As there are no big changes in WordPress 3.4 trunk, I release today MailPress 5.3 beta 1 for beta testers.
I am currently using this MailPress version on this blog (WP 3.3.1).
Change log : Continue reading

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support question : mysql_real_escape_string(): 25 is not a valid MySQL- Link resource

I have several support questions about this message found in MailPress logs

mysql_real_escape_string(): 25 is not a valid MySQL- Link resource in …

This happens on some configurations when trying to send and definitely save a draft mail ! Continue reading

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Preparing WordPress 3.4

and MailPress 5.3 …

Changes from MailPress 5.2.1 are the followings : Continue reading

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200 000 downloads and counting …

MailPress started in 2008, so is 5 years old now.

First of all i want to thank all donators and contributors who helped me to make MailPress what it is today !

I wish i had 1 euro in donation per download …

From 2008/10/29 to 2012/02/11 i received in donation less than EUR 2000, that is less than EUR 400 a year !

One euro in donation for each download would give EUR 40 000 a year which is, for the unemployed person that i am, a big encouragement to continue supporting MailPress (for free !) …

MailPress this is (stats provided by phpxref)

Summary statistics:
Files Scanned: 526 containing 93416 lines
1637 variable names in 5956 definitions and 35081 references.
983 function/method names in 1487 definitions and 6902 references.
15 constant names in 21 definitions and 1672 references.
159 class names in 178 definitions and 1349 references.
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Manage subscription from …

I regularly receive support questions about misunderstandings about the setting
“Manage subscription from” that is available in Settings>MailPress>General.

Here is a reminder of how it works : Continue reading

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Embedded Video Support

Do you remember ? This is one of the topic Graham was asking last year !
My answer was : Maybe HTML5 is the answer !

So i made a little test, with some code inside a post :

Here are the results (+ the code). Please share your own experience in the comments (os, browser, mail reader) ! : Continue reading

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