200 000 downloads and counting …

MailPress started in 2008, so is 5 years old now.

First of all i want to thank all donators and contributors who helped me to make MailPress what it is today !

I wish i had 1 euro in donation per download …

From 2008/10/29 to 2012/02/11 i received in donation less than EUR 2000, that is less than EUR 400 a year !

One euro in donation for each download would give EUR 40 000 a year which is, for the unemployed person that i am, a big encouragement to continue supporting MailPress (for free !) …

MailPress this is (stats provided by phpxref)

Summary statistics:
Files Scanned: 526 containing 93416 lines
1637 variable names in 5956 definitions and 35081 references.
983 function/method names in 1487 definitions and 6902 references.
15 constant names in 21 definitions and 1672 references.
159 class names in 178 definitions and 1349 references.
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Manage subscription from …

I regularly receive support questions about misunderstandings about the setting
“Manage subscription from” that is available in Settings>MailPress>General.

Here is a reminder of how it works : Continue reading

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Embedded Video Support

Do you remember ? This is one of the topic Graham was asking last year !
My answer was : Maybe HTML5 is the answer !

So i made a little test, with some code inside a post :

Here are the results (+ the code). Please share your own experience in the comments (os, browser, mail reader) ! : Continue reading

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Any idea for a new banner on MailPress plugin page ?

Here is the banner i set up since Matt’s post :

MailPress banner

MailPress banner

You can see it live here : http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/mailpress/

If anyone as a brighter idea, feel free to submit your proposal in the comments !

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Releasing MailPress 5.2.1

* bug fix : http://blog.mailpress.org/2011/12/21/bug-notification-mailpress-5-2/
* MP admin lists : some code optimizations and fixes
* Mailinglists : MP/WP Walker class args consistancy (avoid E_STRICT php errors) Continue reading

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Where can i modify the subject of my mails ?

This question is in the top of the support questions.

To have a complete answer, we must classify the mails in three different categories :

  1. WordPress mails
  2. MailPress mails
  3. MailPress newsletters

Continue reading

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Custom Post Types discussion

Several times i have been asked : Does MailPress support Custom Post Types ?
The answer is “may be Yes, may be No” … hard to forget my norman childhood … Continue reading

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Graham’s Wish List

End of year 2011 is coming, and everyone wrote his wishlist. Graham started his on november.

I am not Santa Claus but here are my answers for Christmas : Continue reading

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Bug Notification MailPress 5.2

There is a bug in MailPress 5.2 when you have several category newsletters released at the same time.
First newsletter is ok, following newsletters have an empty content.

Here is the fix : Continue reading

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