Autoresponders (based on wp-cron)

Settings > MailPress >

Logs : Adapt settings to your needs

Mails > Autoresponders

Create an autoresponder linked to an event

Mails > Add New

create a new mail with one recipient (this recipient will be replaced when processing the autoresponder)

affect this mail to one or more autoresponder


2 Responses to Autoresponder

  1. Sergei says:

    In the Autoresponders page I try to add a new autoresponder (fill in all boxes and mark the Activate box). The Event box is Subsciption activated. But when I push the Add Autoresponder button the Active status remains No.
    Please help me to activate the Autoresponder.

  2. admin says:

    This works for me. Try to edit the created Autoresponder and check the “active” checkbox and update.

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