Release of MailPress 5.0.1 beta

Today is released the first beta of MailPress 5.0.1.

MailPress 5.0.1 will be the last version available for WordPress 3.0.x .

Among the numerous new features and bug fixes :

  • end of support for default and classic themes, all existing themes reviewed (html5).
  • new mail status : archived, only available for mails with status ‘sent’
    • new dashboard widget
    • wp page template sample (mailpress/mp-content/xtras/archives)
  • new functions in Mail api : $this->the_subject(); $this->get_the_subject(); .
  • Newsletter add-on : xml format changed in mp-content/advanced/newsletters to define begin/end of a period (day, week, month) at processor level.
  • Mailinglist & Autoresponder add-ons : 2 new events, subscribe/unsubscribe to specific mailinglist.
  • Post add-on : ‘manual’ template reviewed and called only if posts attached to the mail.
  • new add-on : Name_fields based on Graham needs

More information in the readme.txt “Changelog” section.

Download MailPress 5.0.1 beta (477)
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9 Responses to Release of MailPress 5.0.1 beta

  1. Khurram says:

    But I just found some thing serious in the comment auto responder.

    I actually wanted to be notified if any new comment is posted on my(the author) post.
    But the notification arrived to my mailbox after when I, myself, visit the admin page and approve the pending comment. While the email notification, which arrives after approving, does include the links for author to approve/delete/spam. Which clearly seems to be arrived right when the comment is posted.

    I think there is some thing to do with it.

  2. admin says:

    Hello, i think you misunderstood the way comments mails are working (wp standard) :
    * step1 : the moderator (admin) receives a mail to moderate a comment
    * step2 : the author is alerted of a new comment on his posts (when moderated)
    Apparently you are the moderator & the author.
    The autoresponder comment event is fired when a new commentator is detected (not a new comment). The autoresponder mail will be sent to this new commentator.

  3. Khurram says:

    Thanks for clarifying about the autoresponder. Yes I thought that the autoresonder is fired on every new comment. Now it’s fine, I got that.

    But the first part is still confusing.
    Yes I am the admin/moderator/author. But unlike you specified in * step 1 “that admin should receive the email notification on a new comment”, I never received any email on the admin email address which is specified in wordpress general settings. It only comes to my knowledge that a comment is awaiting for moderation when I visit the admin site.

    But let’s consider the steps, you told above, are correct, then why would the author need the links in his notification email (*step-2) to “again” approve the comment? or delete or mark it as spam? While the comment would already has been approved by the admin (in *step-1) and published on the front end.

    Please correct me if I still didn’t get the point.

    Please don’t feel bothered :) I am actually not feeling well without having the alerts of new comments. I always need to go to the admin site to check if there is any comment.

    Thanks for your response.

  4. admin says:

    See WordPress Settings > Discussion !!!

  5. BernieR says: – da mejor. Guardar va!
    Have a nice day


  6. Ál says:

    Do you know that is no place in this blog or in wiki or in WordPress plugins page that say what exactly MailPress do?


  7. admin says:

    Are you kidding me ?

  8. Ál says:

    No! I’m not! If you go to you see “MailPress is a plugin for WordPress”, ahams, ok,… to do… what? If you click in “What is MailPress?” you need to read a lot and then you have a general definition… “The first purpose of MailPress was to give the ability to customize all the mails issued from WordPress + some notifications (comments, newsletters)”, what kind of customization? “First purpose”? And now? I spent a lot of time to know if your plugin is usefull for what I want to do, but the only thing I know for sure is that I “do not use automatic upgrade!” (in plugin page). I’m sorry, I want to help you.

  9. admin says:

    So, now you know a little bit more about MailPress what would be the best definition ?

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