WordPress 3.1 & MailPress

End of October, i was writing : “WordPress 3.1 will come in feature freeze in Novembre  1st for a final release before the end of the year (i suppose). First test today shows that MailPress 5.0 will not be compatible (mainly ajax features such as inserting Custom Fields, Mailing lists, Autoresponders etc …), so there will be a MailPress 5.1“.
The good news today, is that in its current available nightly built version, WordPress 3.1 is now compatible with MailPress 5.0 AND 5.0.1 .
I am expecting a beta release before the end of the year to confirm :

  • 5.0.x MailPress versions compatibility
  • 5.1 postpone

You can download the MailPress 5.0.1 beta version here :
MailPress 5.0.1 beta (477)

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2 Responses to WordPress 3.1 & MailPress

  1. Graham says:

    Hey that’s great news if MailPress 5.0 will work with WordPress 3.1; should save a lot of headaches when WP 3.1 in released.

  2. admin says:

    fingers crossed !

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