Official Release of MailPress 5.0.1

in 5.0.1, mp-content/advanced/newsletters : xml format has changed

Enhancements & Fixes :

  1. end of support for default and classic themes.
  2. new mail status : archived, only available for mails with status ‘sent’
    • new dashboard widget
    • wp page template sample (mailpress/mp-content/xtras/archives)
  3. new functions in Mail api : $this->the_subject(); $this->get_the_subject();
  4. MailPress now supports Google Map API V3. ‘google map api key’ in general settings suppressed !
  5. all themes reviewed (HTML5)
  6. theme selection in ‘MailPress test’ metabox
  7. wp_enqueue scripts for MailPress subscription form available (see mailpress/mailpress-config-sample.php)
  8. (bug fix) ajax for widget requires home url instead of site url !
  9. (bug fix) is_email (javascript) : uppercase allowed in local part of email
  10. (bug fix) dashboard widget init var (subscriber activity)
  11. (bug fix) tracking widget url for os & browser icons
  12. (bug fix) remove edited mailinglist from parent list
  13. (bug fix) MailPress wp_mail now supports attachments
  14. (bug fix) provider Infosniper discarded.

Add-ons :

  1. New add-on ! Name_fields : to generate custom fields based on subscriber’s name (original idea of Graham)
  2. Autoresponder
    • autoresponders scheduled with month : 0, day : 0, hour : 0 are now send directly (no wp_cron scheduling)
  3. Form
    • field_types :
      • (all) : code reviewed
      • captcha_gd2 : words files (en, es, fr) reviewed
      • geotag : support of Google Static Maps API V2
    • minor change on tab orders for form settings
    • due to support of Google Static Maps API V2, no more maps stored in tmp folder.
    • (bug fix) deleting related fields when deleting a form + adding primary keys on related mysql tables.
  4. Mailing list
    • can subscribe to default mailing list
    • two new autoresponder events (subscribe/unsubscribe to specific mailing list)
  5. Newsletter
    • mp-content/advanced/newsletters : xml format has changed
    • new settings for processors to define the beginning of a period of time to select posts (day, week, month)
    • schedulers & processors reviewed
  6. Post
    • manual template simplified and called only if posts attached to the mail.
  7. Tracking_ga
    • (bug fix) anchor bug fixed !
  8. Tracking_rewrite_url
    • (bug fix) support of home and site urls !
  9. Others : Import, Ip, Tracking …
    • code review in mp-includes/class/options

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  1. Graham says:

    Nice work Andre! Congratulations.

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