MailPress themes in corresponding WordPress themes

James wanted to move the MailPress themes into the theme directory of the site they belong to (multi-site install).
He worked up a solution and shared it in case it would help anyone else out.
Here is his original post.

The idea is :
– create a ‘mp-themes’ folder in each wordpress theme folder,
– copy the mailpress theme(s) in the corresponding wordpress theme folder,
– create a mailpress-config.php file based on the mailpress-config-sample.php file and include the following reviewed code from original James code :

add_filter('MailPress_theme_root', 'MailPress_theme_root', 8, 1);
function MailPress_theme_root($path) {
	$folder = 'mp-themes';
	$my_path = get_theme_root() . '/' . get_template() . '/' . $folder;
	return (is_dir($my_path)) ? $my_path : $path;

I found this was a good idea, and this kind of filter will be extended for some specific mp-content/advanced folders in the next version.

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  1. addmein says:

    Sounds great. I’m new to MailPress and at first sight, is seems to have a news-feed look to it. It’s cool that MailPress is out there and I hope it can set standards in subscription webbing. I just downloaded the plugin and I’m fiddling with it, now. (Hoping I don’t have to code X amount of pages to reflect my site’s look & feel.) <<But I like that feature in mail like the "big-boy" companies. Donations will be coming soon.

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