News from WordPress 3.2

Here is a message received from  the WordPress core team :


WordPress 3.2-beta2 was released today. There are few changes that may affect some plugins.

1. The admin UI style was updated. This is mostly a visual update so if your plugin uses the default admin CSS styles on its settings page, it will inherit all seamlessly.

2. The “Favorites” menu (top/right on all admin pages) was removed completely.

3. jQuery was updated to version 1.6.1 and jQuery UI was updated to 1.8.12. We encourage all authors of themes or plugins that use jQuery to test them in 3.2-beta2 as there are a couple of changes that may affect many plugins:

– jQuery 1.5.0 and newer no longer allows selectors of the form [property=value]. These selectors now require quotes: [property=”value”].

– jQuery 1.6.0 and newer introduces another method: .prop() that replaces many .attr() calls. This was (partially) reverted in jQuery 1.6.1 but some uses of .attr() are not working any more. For example .attr(‘checked’, ”) doesn’t uncheck checkboxes any more.

Best would be to replace all getting/setting of ‘checked’, ‘selected’ and ‘disabled’ from .attr() to .prop() (using .prop() is also much faster). More information on the jQuery blog:

4. WordPress 3.2 has new minimal requirements: PHP 5.2.4 and MySQL 5.0.15. Most of the PHP 4 compat code was removed except for a few class constructors since many plugins seem to call them directly. If your plugin uses any of the WordPress PHP classes, please test that it calls them properly.

Best regards and happy coding!
The WordPress core team.

MailPress 5.1 is already available but still in development.
As you can see there is still a lot of work to do for WordPress 3.2 compatibility.
This will make MailPress 5.1 not compatible (at least not tested) for WordPress 3.1.x and under.

Here is a quick overview of the different changes that have been made :

  • MailPress::require_class deprecated, replaced by an autoloader.
  • modifying some code due to WordPress deprecated functions.
  • Ip
    • code review for ipinfodb provider, requires a api key now (see mailpress-config-sample.php)
  • Autoresponder
    • autoresponders can be scheduled with year, month, week, day, hour.
  • Bounce & Batch
    • code review, new Bounce_api class.
    • better support for W3 Total Cache
  • Form
    • From email and name are the visitor ones when available for recipient mail (can be overrided by your MTA).
    • code review on composite field types merging default template formats with customized ones.
    • (bug fix) control of recipient email when creating/modifying a new form…
    • (bug fix) creating some mysql tables on install can be usefull …
  • Newsletter
    • (bug fix) changing wday for weekly newsletter for scheduler and/or processor in xml files was not working …

What is on schedule but not confirmed

  • Another add-on to handle bounces in another way than using verp
  • Mailinglist Autoresponders Events firing only when subscriber is confirmed
  • MailPress admin lists : integration of WP list table API (not possible)
  • MailPress child themes

Any new idea or bug can be posted in the comment section.

Thank you for your support

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  1. I enjoy MailPress very much and can’t wait to tryout this new version, keep up the good work!

  2. After the upgrade of wp 3.2 , the newsletter has not been send anymore. I think this will be fixed on the next version of Mailpress?

    I like this plugin verry much and I hope in one week you will do all the changes, otherwise I will be forced to search for a better solution…

  3. admin says:

    See MailPress 5.1

  4. KaEx says:

    Very usefull plugin for me. Thanks.

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