MailPress 5.1 RC1 is now available

Today is released the first Release Candidate of MailPress 5.1 .

I am trying to make this version available for WordPress 3.1.x AND WordPress 3.2 .
Thank you to all the beta testers !

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3 Responses to MailPress 5.1 RC1 is now available

  1. Great I look forward to using the new version… Thank you

  2. Peter Luit says:


    Is there a possibility that the user can select one of more categories of posts form which he or she can get a weekly e-mail? So e-mail newsletters depending on the categories of interest?

    Kind Regards,

  3. admin says:

    i usually do not answer to support question on comments (there is a google group dedicated to MailPress for that).
    However the question was asked several times and here is my answer.
    Currently, the newsletter is built once for all the subscribers who subscribed to that newsletter.
    Giving the ability for subscribers to choose the content of their newsletter will multiply the number of newsletters.
    Potentially giving the choice to 4 categories will lead to build 15 different newsletters for 15 different lists ….
    Suppose the end of day, end of week & end of month are the same day this would give potentially 45 newsletters to build …
    Coding would not be that simple and would require a good cpu …

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