News from WordPress 3.2 (2)

Remember our last post on next MailPress features …

Here are the bad and good news on what was on schedule (and more) but not confirmed :

  • In WordPress 3.2, jQuery upgrade to 1.6.1 (see jQuery updates in WordPress 3.2 ) and i am currently fighting to make mailpress/includes/js/mp-lists.js working (the ajax delete feature is broken on mailpress lists). Some help is required to fix this !
  • New add-on to handle bounces in another way than using verp
    • The new addon is called “Bounce_handling_II”.
  • New add-on provided as a sample to included specific headers in your mails (that one is for developers only)
    • The new addon is called “Headers_specific”.
  • New hook/event “MailPress_activate_user_1st”.
    • fires when mp_user is activating for the very first time
    • fixes Autoresponder activation based on Autoresponder Mailinglist event “New mailing list subscriber” for new mp_users
    • added : fifth autoresponder event (“Subscription 1st activation”, id #5) based on this new event/hook
  • MailPress child themes (no volunteers ?)
  • MailPress admin lists : integration of WP list table API (not possible)

All these new features are available for beta testers in the 2nd Release Candidate of MailPress 5.1.

Any new idea or bug can be posted in the comment section.

Thank you for your support

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  1. admin says:

    mailpress/includes/js/mp-lists.js fixed ;-)

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