Official Release of MailPress 5.1

Enhancements & Fixes :

  • WordPress 3.1 & 3.2 support.
  • MailPress::require_class deprecated, replaced by an autoloader.
  • some code modified due to WordPress deprecated functions
  • (IP) code review for ipinfodb provider, requires a api key now (see mailpress-config-sample.php)
  • (Autoresponder) autoresponders can be scheduled with year, month, week, day, hour
  • (Bounce & Batch)
    • code review, new Bounce_api class
    • better support for W3 Total Cache
    • new add on for detecting bounces on mail content
  • (Form)
    • From email and name are the visitor ones when available for recipient mail (can be overrided by your MTA)
    • code review on composite field types merging default template formats with customized ones
    • (bug fix) control of recipient email when creating/modifying a new form
    • (bug fix) creating some mysql tables on install can be usefull
  • (Newsletters) (bug fix) changing wday for weekly newsletter for scheduler and/or processor in xml files was not working.

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7 Responses to Official Release of MailPress 5.1

  1. Graham says:

    Nice work Andre!

  2. Heber says:

    The MailPress is for shure the best plugin I’ve found. Thanks for the great job.

  3. Ovidiu says:

    I just read you said: better support for W3 Total Cache

    does that mean we have to do anything or is it simply built into mailpress?

  4. admin says:

    just added

    define(‘DOING_CRON’, true);

    in the xtras/…./cron.php files

  5. Ovidiu says:

    ah, ok, thanks.

  6. Looks good, Thank you Andre.

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