Sending several copies of the same newsletter

Graham recently asked me to solve his problem of several copies of the same newsletter for the same recipient.
My first answer was to tell him that this results from a bug in wp-cron (wordpress feature).
After some search, i found a solution he was able to test successfully.
Here are the first posts on the solution found, and Graham contribution.

and Graham posts :

nota bene : to implement this solution you need one of these :

  • ability to schedule cron job with your CPanel
  • ability to edit your crontab
  • access to external services such as
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4 Responses to Sending several copies of the same newsletter

  1. admin says:

    Here is a new version of Pascal’s wp-cron-multi-blog.php :

    I will personnally rename this file wp-ms-cron.php

  2. Valerie says:

    Hopefully I won’t have the same problem. I can’t turn off the wp-cron, it’s needed for my backup software to run. (tried it)


  3. admin says:

    The purpose is not to completely disable wp-cron, but to execute wp-cron using an external scheduler such as cron. Completely disabling wp-cron would disable features such as scheduled posts.

  4. Graham says:

    I just had a comment on alerting me to a new WordPress bug report and associated change to improve wp-cron locking in WordPress 3.3. I haven’t tested it, but I’m hoping it will fix this problem.

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