WordPress 3.3 Beta 1 …

WordPress 3.3 is ready for beta testers …
I release today the first beta of MailPress 5.2 for beta testers :

  • adding per_page parameter on all mailpress admin lists
  • new add-on ‘MailPress_delete_old_mails’
  • changing contextual help to fit in the new Help admin bar
  • changing autorefresh for some lists to fit in the new Help admin bar
  • (bug fix) MP_Bounce_api.class.php not tallying bounces correctly
  • some javascript changes for mp-ajax-response, mp-lists.
Download MailPress 5.2 beta (307)


You can also try my last plugin DashPress for WordPress 3.3 :
Download DashPress 3.3 beta (282)

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3 Responses to WordPress 3.3 Beta 1 …

  1. Graham says:

    The fix to wp_enqueue_script not working mid-page is scheduled for 3.3. I think this should allow MP_wp_enqueue_script to be set to true without needing to modify the user’s WordPress theme. This resolves conflicts like when you used the MailPress widget and shortcode on the same page with Simple Facebook Connect. Enqueuing the scripts is better practise anyway, but I understand it hasn’t worked properly until now.

    What do you think?


  2. admin says:

    Hi Graham !
    As far as i read, ticket #9346 was closed 2 weeks ago by ryan and no patch was commited.

    Did you try to use (see MP_Widget.class.php)
    define(‘MP_wp_enqueue_script’, true);

  3. Graham says:

    The fix appears to be in this change. Can’t say I’ve tested it though… too flat out at the moment to play with betas. :-(

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