MailPress batches : ‘Submit batch with’ ‘Other’ option

This post will be obsolete for MailPress 6.0 (to be released soon)

The previous post was about “Disabling wp-cron scheduled by wordpress”.
But you may need to fine tune one or all of your MailPress batches and execute them out of wp-cron.

For each batch [batch_send, bounces or the newcomer delete_old_mails (ver 5.2)], here is the step by step “how to”.

1) under Settings > MailPress > Batches

  • select the ‘Submit batch with’ ‘Other’ option
  • aside the radio button is displayed : see sample in path_to_cron_php
  • press the ‘Save’ button

2) open your favorite scheduler (could be (a) access crontab with your CPanel, (b) direct access to crontab or (c) using external services such as

the file to execute (every 5, 10 minutes or more …) is :
on a monosite install, path_to_cron_php/cron.php
on a multisite install, cron.php [you cannot use path_to_cron_php, you must have one schedule per blog executing full url to path_to_cron_php/cron.php]

3) Make sure the cron.php files are executable.

4) et voilà !

nota bene : when using ‘Submit batch with’ ‘WP_Cron’,

  • each MailPress batch is scheduled once
  • at the end of the ‘batch’, the ‘batch’ detects if it needs to run again
    • always true for bounces, delete_old_mails (ver 5.2)
    • if mails need to be sent for batch_send
  • If for some reasons, the batch fails, it is not re-scheduled … then you need to deactivate/activate the corresponding add-on to reactivate the required batch
  • using an external scheduler will re-schedule the batch endlessly [depending on your settings in your scheduler], whether it -the batch- ends properly or not.
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  1. Russell Mann says:

    Can you be more specific on executing the cron.php.

    Would this be appropriate?



  2. admin says:

    @Russell try it !

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