How to test my MailPress theme

We all have our method, for sure, but for the MailPress theme developpers who are still looking for the best (and fastest) method, here is mine

  1. add manual Template to mp theme
  2. create a Draft with your mp theme
  3. activate Post add-on
  4. edit Posts and assign them to Draft
  5. preview Draft
  6. Open Html part in tab
  7. Modify your mp theme
  8. Refresh html
  9. Et voilà !

Steps 1 to 4 : to set up the environment, steps 5 to 6 : to build the mail, steps 7 to 8 : to iterate as much as needed.

Using the Post add-on and the manual template give you the ability to test both _loom.php and _loop.php files.

Browser is slow but video capture + apache + mysql + firefox & firebug + powerpoint + netbeans (editor) is hard time for my old pc (pentium 4!) .

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2 Responses to How to test my MailPress theme

  1. Hi Andre,

    Thanks!!! This is perfect for what I’m trying to do.

    Thanks a lot!

  2. Jorge says:


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