Finally MailPress 5.2 …

Child Themes, Help admin bar, …

  • Child themes
    • A MailPress child theme is a theme that inherits the functionality of another theme, called the parent theme, and allows you to modify, or add to, the functionality of that parent theme.
    • All mp themes reviewed
    • more on Child themes at :
  • Help admin bar
    • adding per_page parameter on all mailpress admin lists
    • contextual help
  • Add-Ons
    • (bug fix) MP_Bounce_api.class.php not tallying bounces correctly
    • MailPress_Import : ‘export’ files are now included in media list
    • MailPress_Upload_media : support ‘Upload/Insert’ new media button on editor
    • MailPress_delete_old_mails : new add-on
    • MailPress_WPML : not tested in 5.2 and not supported by me !
    • smtp, sendmail, php_mail connections reviewed
  • Miscellaneous
    • new design for some setting tabs
    • new design for pagination block on lists (same as wp)
    • logs : automatically activated on first activation (plugin & add-ons), files named changed, purge reviewed
    • css reviewed, list icons reviewed.
    • some javascript changes for mp-ajax-response, mp-lists, thickbox, markerclusterer …
    • pluggable functions reviewed
    • tracking deprecated functions …
    • lot of mailpress classes renamed (mostly abstract ones)
    • file_exists() replaced by is_file()
    • upgrade to SwiftMailer 4.1.3 + specific batchSend()
    • commented code removed
    • MP_Mail viewhtml() and viewplaintext() merged in view()
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4 Responses to Finally MailPress 5.2 …

  1. admin says:

    Development version includes small fixes for js errors in ie8 +
    MailPress_upload_media add-on clean up

  2. admin says:

    Development (5.3-alpha) version now includes
    * standardization on all admin list :
    ** get_list() arguments
    ** taxonomies code (mailinglist & autoresponders)
    ** efficient use of cache for forms & fields lists
    * fixing little bugs
    ** pagination on wp_cron and view_logs
    ** tallying files in view_logs

  3. Dada says:


    I wish that when an event is added on my google calendar, it created automatically an email in mailpress to remind participants that the event will take place. An WordPress plugin call “Google Calendar Events” already parse the google calendar feed. So i need an addon for Mailpress who use the plugin google calendar events for making mail.

    Is that possible ?

    Whatever your answer, thank you very much for this addon is really great!

  4. admin says:

    @Dada, Hi,

    Publishing a post inside your wordpress blog is a known event for your wordpress blog. Then you can attach some process to that event.
    Adding an event in a Google calendar is an unknown event for WordPress …

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