Graham’s Wish List

End of year 2011 is coming, and everyone wrote his wishlist. Graham started his on november.

I am not Santa Claus but here are my answers for Christmas :

  • Easy Subscribe to Newsletter when Commenting : that’s a good idea for a new add-on.
    As far as i know, Graham has only one newsletter. What if there are several default newsletters ? should we have a default default newsletter ?
  • Custom Thank You Page : i think this is a good idea.
    This is why it is possible to have a specific page template or category template. There is even template samples provided :

    • mailpress\mp-content\xtras\category-xx.php
    • mailpress\mp-content\xtras\pt_MailPress.php

    More customisation of that specific blog page needs to rewrite the code of class MP_Mail_links.class.php or write your own.

  • Subscribe to Mailing List without Default Newsletter Subscription : since MailPress 5.2, shortcode :
    [mailpress mailinglist='id' newsletter='0']
    should do what Graham wants.
  • Omit Certain Posts From The Newsletter: here is the “how to” :
    • Define a specific category for the posts to include in a newsletter,
    • Modify the newsletters xml definition files (mailpress\mp-content\advanced\newsletters\*.xml) adding in the processor section :
      			<cat>(the specific category id )</cat>
    • When writing a post adding the newsletter to that specific category will make it eligible for the newsletter,
    • Be carefull when upgrading MailPress, not to delete your specific settings in the xml files.
  • Existing Users Should Be Added To Mailing List by Bulk Add : i have no answers for this, i was thinking of using the import add-on but that needs to be tested.
  • CSV Import Problems : here again, it seems that there is some work to do to improve this feature.
  • Selectively Disable content Filters in Manual and Autoresponder Emails:
    1. autoresponders are ‘Manual’ emails,
    2. you can use “remove_filter()” as described in your post in your mailpress theme file named default.php,
    3. best, is to do this in the mailpress theme file named functions.php. See Child themes post to see how and in which order this file is required.
  • Richer Selection On Sending Mail : again, MailPress is giving richer selection using filters hooks MailPress_mailinglists & MailPress_query_mailinglist when Comment, Mailinglist, Newsletter add-on are activated.
    Code is rather simple, the trickiest part is to get the right SQL query for what you want to target as recipients.
  • Embedded Video Support : may be HTML5 is part of the solution : The Current State of Video in Mail & HTML5 and video in mail.
  • Embedded Facebook Like, Tweet and Google +1 Buttons : i do not know how these buttons are created on a blog. As far as i see in blog’s Graham all buttons are <iframe></iframe> and could be generated by javascript. These are not supported by most of the mail readers. Maybe Facebook, Tweeter & G+ have a solution compatible with mails. To be documented.
  • Don’t Track This Link with Tracking Add-on : good point!
  • Support for External Redirections in Tracking_ga : ah ah ! this one is for Google !
  • Manual Republish Button : you can use the Post add-on to republish an existing post. Merging a “post to republish” with the current posts to be “published” in the same mail looks to me very complicated to code. I am not a big expert in query_posts(), looking for a good idea on this topic.
  • Automatically Republishing Old Posts : that’s a good idea for a new add-on, need to dig that tweeter plugin code on that one.
  • Remind and Delete Users That Don’t Confirm : that’s a good idea for a new add-on.
  • Editing A User’s Email Address : has been asked several times. This is not currently possible to insure uniqueness of email in mailpress_users mysql table.
  • Child Themes : done in MailPress 5.2 ! see posts here and here.
  • “Add Form” Doesn’t Work : this should have been fixed in MailPress 5.2 .
    Form add-on is for contact forms !
  • Paragraph Spacing Is Missing In TwentyTen Theme : done in MailPress 5.2 !
  • Conditional Text : this one is a ‘the_content’ hook filter issue.

I just have to finish adding a topic that has been requested several times : support for Custom Post Types.
But this is another story …

Happy holydays !

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  1. Graham says:

    Hi Andre,
    Thanks so much for this great Christmas gift! It’s awesome to see you got my wish list. Thanks for the clarifications.

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