Manage subscription from …

I regularly receive support questions about misunderstandings about the setting
“Manage subscription from” that is available in Settings>MailPress>General.

Here is a reminder of how it works :

  1. Subscriber receives a mail from your blog in his mailbox with, at least, a link interacting with your blog (subscription confirmation, management, preview mail …).
  2. From his mailbox, Subscriber clicks on the link.
  3. When the MailPress General settings “Manage subscription from” has the following value, here is how it works :
    • Default : MailPress generates a page including the current WordPress theme header and footer.
    • Page template: Before choosing this option, you have to :
      1. Copy the page template mailpress/mp-content/xtras/pt_MailPress.php into your current WordPress theme folder.
      2. Create a page [Admin>Pages>Add new], select ‘MailPress’ as page template [“Page attributes” box], give a title and no content, save and publish .
      3. In settings, set the page id as the page id.
    • Category template: Before choosing this option, you have to :
      1. Copy the category template mailpress/mp-content/xtras/category-xx.php into your current WordPress theme folder.
      2. Rename category template file category-xx.php to category-99999.php [category 99999 does not need to be an existing category].
      3. In settings, set 99999 as the category id.

Once these settings are set or anytime you will change it, only new mails will be compatible with the new settings.

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7 Responses to Manage subscription from …

  1. daymogue says:

    I copied the file into my WordPress theme folder and I am not seeing the theme come up as a choice. File permissions are 644. I copied the file to /wp-content/themes/. Any thoughts?

  2. admin says:

    wp-content/themes/ is not your current WordPress theme folder !

  3. Pluka says:

    thanks for the post…the premise is that i’m not an expert, of course
    my problem is: the subscription managing works only if I, the administrator, have the site administration open…
    like a subscriber, I don’t have any option, both in the widget box and in page form, if is the site is running normally…
    any solutions?

  4. admin says:

    @pluka works only if “visitor” is identified on your blog. Otherwise see appropriate link(s) in sent mails.

  5. Pluka says:

    yes, ok
    thanks a lot!

  6. Craig GALLUP says:

    I have tried the page template step by step and nothing changes. Could you please offer some help?

  7. admin says:

    1 copy mailpress\mp-content\xtras\pt_MailPress.php inside your WordPress theme folder
    2 create a page with template “MailPress”
    3 go to Settings => MailPress => General in Sparm “Manage subscriptions from” choose “Page Template” and give the page id, save
    4 send a new mail and check the link : Manage your subscriptions

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