200 000 downloads and counting …

MailPress started in 2008, so is 5 years old now.

First of all i want to thank all donators and contributors who helped me to make MailPress what it is today !

I wish i had 1 euro in donation per download …

From 2008/10/29 to 2012/02/11 i received in donation less than EUR 2000, that is less than EUR 400 a year !

One euro in donation for each download would give EUR 40 000 a year which is, for the unemployed person that i am, a big encouragement to continue supporting MailPress (for free !) …

MailPress this is (stats provided by phpxref)

Summary statistics:
Files Scanned: 526 containing 93416 lines
1637 variable names in 5956 definitions and 35081 references.
983 function/method names in 1487 definitions and 6902 references.
15 constant names in 21 definitions and 1672 references.
159 class names in 178 definitions and 1349 references.
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3 Responses to 200 000 downloads and counting …

  1. Ovidiu says:

    I never earned any money with your mailpress plugin but it is awesome and I use it on a lot of blogs. So I just donated a small amount covering a few beers or coffees :-)

    Have you thought about creating a type of membership site like Justin Tadlock did for his theme framework? Everything is free but if you want access to the support forums he charges a moderate fee for access :-)

  2. admin says:

    thank you Ovidiu ! ;-)

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