Preparing WordPress 3.4

and MailPress 5.3 …

Changes from MailPress 5.2.1 are the followings :

  • generalization of checked() function
  • bug fix : subscription form now working when javascript or ajax not activated
  • Add-Ons
    • MailPress_comment : now subscription to comments can be checked by default (see settings)
    • MailPress_mailinglist_country_code : !!NEW!! New Mail : add mailing lists based on country code (beware ! IP geolocation search is not 100% accurate)
    • MailPress_mailinglist_US_state : !!NEW!! New Mail : add mailing lists based on US State (beware ! IP geolocation search is not 100% accurate)
    • MailPress_mailinglist_user_role : !!NEW!! New Mail : add mailing lists based on wp user roles (beware ! Sync_wordpress_user add-on STRONGLY required)
    • MailPress_wp_fromemail : !!NEW!! New Mail : FROM email & name replaced by current user wp values
    • MailPress_write_edit_fromemail : !!NEW!! New Mail : make FROM email and name editable (info ! use Roles_and_capabilities add-on for fine tuning new capability ‘MailPress_write_edit_fromemail’)
  • IP geolocation provider
    • new : (required : 2 constants MP_Ip_quova_ApiKey & MP_Ip_quova_Secret)
  • Custom Post Types
    • preparing dedicated “newsletters for custom post type” integration …

MailPress 5.3-alpha can be downloaded here.

About dedicated custom post type newsletters integration, extra code is required.
A new add-on, some xml files, specific scheduler and processor and eventually specific theme templates.
For documentation purpose, you can download the following file containing the required files to integrate a custom post type named “cpt” and a readme_cpt.txt file.
Download Custom Post Type Newsletter sample code (457)

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2 Responses to Preparing WordPress 3.4

  1. Peter Weldon says:

    I donated a couple of years ago and will do so again even though I do not currently deploy MailPress. (I do hope to use it again with a couple of blogs I oversee.)

    You are clearly adding value for thousands of users and they need to respond. Feel free to embarrass them by publishing this message.

    Someone needs to come up with an easy (one click) fulfillment model that charges $10.00 USD per year for the right to download and use the latest version of your software. This kind of model would serve the entire software development universe and millions of users. (Commerce is not a bad thing!)

    Regards, Pete Weldon

  2. admin says:

    Just got your donation. Thank you Pete !

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