MailPress 5.3 beta 2 : post_type integration !

Due to custom post type integration, if you have any customized file in your MailPress installation, you will need to be cautious.

As stated in the readme.txt file that few of you are reading …, do the followings when doing your MailPress upgrade :

  1. Point your browser to “Plugins > MailPress Add-ons” page and deactivate all add ons.
  2. Point your browser to “Plugins” page and deactivate MailPress plugin.
  3. If you have any customized file, Save or Back-up mailpress/tmp folder + any customized file (mp theme, etc …) :
    • standards newsletters xml files have their path changed : mailpress/mp-content/advanced/newsletters/post/ (formerly mailpress/mp-content/advanced/newsletters/)
    • post newsletter xml file has its path & name changed : mailpress/mp-content/advanced/newsletters/post/post.xml (formerly mailpress/mp-content/advanced/newsletters/new_post.xml)
    • category newsletters xml file(s) have their path changed : mailpress/mp-content/advanced/newsletters/post/categories (formerly mailpress/mp-content/advanced/newsletters/categories)
    • scheduler id post_cat is renamed in post_category
    • processor id now is renamed in post
  4. Delete wp-content/plugins/mailpress folder.
  5. Unzip the MailPress package.
  6. Upload the mailpress folder into wp-content/plugins.
  7. Make sure the wp-content/plugins/mailpress/tmp folder is writable.
  8. Restore mailpress/tmp folder + your MP theme+ any customized file (mp theme, etc …) (read step 3 for any mailpress/mp-content/advanced/newsletters/ restore)
  9. Refresh “Plugins” page and activate MailPress plugin
  10. Activate MailPress previous add-ons (Plugins > MailPress Add-ons)
Download MailPress 5.3 beta 2 (549)


About custom post type integration

With MailPress 5.3, custom post type and taxonomies integration is made possible.
This following zip contains all necessary files + sample add-ons to set up a custom post type (ad_listing) and a related taxonomy (ad_cat).
read the “How to custom post type + taxonomy.txt” file.

Download MailPress 5.3 beta 2 post_type (720)


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    And MailPress 5.3 beta 2 is the last version compatible with WordPress 3.3

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