MailPress 5.3 beta 3 : oembed integration !

About oembed integration

WordPress embeds videos and photos in posts from sites such as youtube, dailymotion etc … (more on WordPress embedding)
New add-on Embed, is using some WP ressources, to embed videos and photos using thumbnails when provided by the oembed hosts api

such as this one (click on post link to see how it renders in WP) :

Download MailPress 5.3 beta 3 (1835)


About custom post type integration

With MailPress 5.3, custom post type and taxonomies integration is made possible.
This following zip contains all necessary files + sample add-ons to set up a custom post type (ad_listing) and a related taxonomy (ad_cat).
read the “How to custom post type + taxonomy.txt” file.

Download MailPress 5.3 beta 2 post_type (720)


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2 Responses to MailPress 5.3 beta 3 : oembed integration !

  1. Graham says:

    Awesome news about the Embed support Andre! Great work! Cheers, Graham

  2. Here is my contribution to the MailPress project

    Strings translated to pt_BR for 5.3 beta 3

    My official page for all translations:



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