MailPress 5.3 RC2

MailPress 5.3 requires WordPress 3.4.

  • Swiftmailer 4.1.7
  • bug fix : subscription form now working when javascript or ajax not activated
  • Code Reviews & changes
    • newsletter xml files path and name changed + some scheduler and processor ids (read Upgrade Notice)
    • use of checked() function
    • mp themes review + new mp theme TwentyTwelve
    • New Mail > new way to add mailinglists (see 3 new add-ons)
    • new ip geolocation provider : (required : 2 constants MP_Ip_quova_ApiKey & MP_Ip_quova_Secret)
    • useragent search engine, datas, icons, new tracking modules
  • Add-Ons
    • MailPress_comment : now subscription to comments can be checked by default (see settings)
    • MailPress_tracking : new modules for mail & user (System info II + Domain recipients)
    • New MailPress_embed : Mail oEmbed (equivalent of WordPress video embedding but for mails)
    • New MailPress_comment_newsletter_subscription : Subscribe to a default newsletter from comment form
    • New MailPress_mailinglist_country_code : New Mail > add mailing lists based on country code (beware ! IP geolocation search is not 100% accurate)
    • New  MailPress_mailinglist_US_state : New Mail > add mailing lists based on US State (beware ! IP geolocation search is not 100% accurate)
    • New  MailPress_mailinglist_user_role : New Mail > add mailing lists based on wp user roles (beware ! Sync_wordpress_user add-on STRONGLY required)
    • New  MailPress_wp_fromemail : New Mail > FROM email & name replaced by current user wp values
    • New  MailPress_write_edit_fromemail : New Mail > make FROM email and name editable (info ! use Roles_and_capabilities add-on for fine tuning new capability ‘MailPress_write_edit_fromemail’)
  • Custom Post Types
    • Due to custom post type integration, if you have any xml newsletter customized file in your MailPress installation, you will need to be cautious (path changed). Read this post.
Download MailPress 5.3 RC2 (5108)
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2 Responses to MailPress 5.3 RC2

  1. Hi there,

    I tried to install the MailPress 5.3 RC2 version on my WP 3.4 beta but got this message.

    Fatal error: Sorry, but you can’t run this plugin : mailpress/MailPress.php.
    Your WordPress version is ‘3.4-RC1-20950’, at least version ‘3.4’ required.
    in /path-to-my-wordpress/wp-content/plugins/mailpress/mp-admin/includes/install/mailpress.php on line 17

    Can you fix it?

  2. admin says:

    you are right ! the workaround is to modified MailPress.php line 144

    $min_ver_wp = ‘3.4’;

    should be

    $min_ver_wp = ‘3.3.9’;

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