MailPress 5.3

MailPress 5.3 requires WordPress 3.4.

Do not forget to read Upgrade Notice in readme.txt.

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4 Responses to MailPress 5.3

  1. mohsin2010 says:


    I make form in newsletter. how to call this in template file. Can u provide code or help me any shortcode of mailpress form.


  2. admin says:

    shortcode is

    [mailpress_form id="id_of_the_form"]

    but never tested that in a mail …

    form add-on is for contact forms

  3. mohsin2010 says:


    Thanks a lot…its working fine…:)

  4. Michael says:


    With this plugin, is it possible to set a template for my wp site to send instead of the default wp new user registration welcome email?

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