MailPress 5.4.2

Just released MailPress 5.4.2

This version fixes a bug in mailinglist dropdown lists introduced by changes in WordPress 4.2 (latest version of WorPress is 4.2.1, upgrade due to a vulnerability in comments) .

This version also brings a new feature when using the Embed add-on. Youtube videos are now inserted with a thumbnail where a “play” button has been inserted (requires php extension ‘GD‘).

embedding youtube (before)

embedding youtube (before)

embedding youtube (after)

embedding youtube (after)

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2 Responses to MailPress 5.4.2

  1. admin says:

    If you are using Embed add-on and don’t want this YouTube feature just delete following files :

    * mailpress/mp-includes/class/options/oembed/providers/YouTube.php
    * mailpress/mp-includes/class/options/oembed/providers/YouTube.png

    and YouTube video will be inserted like in ‘before’ picture (see above).

  2. Graham says:

    Awesome Andre! :-)

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