Boxing day today

Oh oh oh ! Look what we have under the tree …

A bit of history
Since june 2016, MailPress has been withdrawn from the WordPress plugin repository due to an exploit. Last release of MailPress was 5.4.4 posted in april 2016. For the record, first release of MailPress was in 2008. Then Swiftmailer closed its 5.0 branch to open the 6.0 branch requiring PHP 7 (and the use of composer). Then Google announced that starting June 11th of 2018, they were going to charge every single user of the Google Maps API (alternative still to be found). And last but not least, WordPress was releasing the 5.0 (december 2018), a major version with a new editor : Gutenberg …

And MailPress ?
During the summer of 2016, i started to change some code, then changed some technical choices, then changed the architecture of my code … creating a version 6.0 under PHP 5.x .
Swiftmailer 6.0 release was a good opportunity to migrate from PHP 5.x code to PHP 7.x.
I upgraded my dev environment to the last releases of PHP/MySQL : 7.2.3 / 5.7.17, and reviewed my code again and again. I closed the MailPress 6.0 branch and opened a new one.
So here comes MailPress 7.0beta.

How to upgrade ?
Well, first of all, this is still a beta release. The major addons appear to work properly but i have still some issues under admin : mainly on New Mail and Revision panels.
Do not forget to read (and follow) the upgrade instructions from MailPress 5.x . Once upgrade done, customized files restored … and after plugin activation, double check your settings (some urls have changed if you are using them, see below).

The main changes about MailPress on install and upgrade are :

  • files in mailpress/tmp are moved to the uploads wordpress directory
  • mailpress/mp-content/advanced directory is copied in the uploads wordpress directory
  • for security reasons, ‘cron’ urls have changed, check your settings
  • for security reasons, .htaccess used in Tracking_rewrite_url has changed, check mailpress/mp-content/xtras/mp_tracking_rewrite_url.htaccess
  • for security reasons, some links using wp-content/plugins/mailpress/mp-includes/action.php? are changed in wp-admin/admin-ajax.php? which may result in backward compatibility issues for mails sent with previous versions.

So, i expect the users of MailPress to test it and report any bug through the MailPress google Group.

Thank you for all your support. Happy boxing day !

Download MailPress 7.0 beta (187)
and counting … (using cloc without external libraries such as swiftmailer)

Language files blank comment code
PHP 460 7489 32661 36006
JavaScript 55 1118 868 6651
XML 32 106 72 5842
PO File 1 1643 3588 3657
CSS 40 309 95 2344
HTML 3 13 0 305
SUM: 591 10678 37284 54805

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  1. Esteban says:

    thanks for your efforts. I really enjoy mailpress and find it very useful.

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