MailPress 7.0 RC2

Releasing today MailPress 7.0 RC2

After a few mails with WordPress plugin team (the 9th and 10th of this month), i had to review my code once again essentially to sanitize what could be sanitize (quite a few items in fact) using the WP sanitization functions.
These functions are documented in two places : here and here.
That documentation seems a bit inconsistent by the way. I looked the web as well to find the best approach. Obviously tons of links but i selected this one.
Anyway, i tried to keep the best of these worlds to deliver the best :-D .

As an upgrader :

Requirements :
PHP: 7.x (prerequisite of swiftmailer 6.x branch).
PHP extensions simplexml AND intl (prerequisite of swiftmailer 6.x branch).
PHP Mail deprecated, you have to have a smtp or a sendmail server (prerequisite of swiftmailer 6.x branch).
Support of international emails such as 用户@例子.广告, अजय@डाटा.भारत, θσερ@εχαμπλε.ψομ or Dörte@Sö . There are two new addons for that. Your smtp server must support SMTPUTF8 (RFC6531).

Major changes :
Contextual help available for each admin screen.
Admin ajax calls comply with WP standards now.

After upgrade, and plugin re-activation :

  • tmp files are copied to the WordPress uploads directory (sub folder mailpress)
  • mp-content/advanced folders and files are copied for the specific blog to the WordPress uploads directory (sub folder mailpress) (better support of WPmultisite)
  • mp-content/themes folder is unchanged

For following addons :
Tracking_rewrite_url : there is a new .htaccess rewrite rule (see mailpress/mp-content/xtras/mp_tracking_rewrite_url.htaccess).
Batch_send, Batch_spool_send, Bounce_Handling, Bounce_HandlingII, Delete_Inactive_Users, Delete_old_Mails : if you are out of wp_cron the urls have changed ( http.../wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=mp_cron&hook=...).

New addons :
Connection_sendmail_SMTPUTF8 : use Sendmail and support SMTPUTF8 (for international emails)
Connection_smtp_SMTPUTF8 : use Smtp and support SMTPUTF8 (for international emails)
S/Mime signer : to sign your mails (see settings after activation for help/ PHP warning messages on deleting temporary files on my dev environment (swiftmailer using OS temporary directory instead of swiftmailer cache [bug listed])
Delete Inactive Users : to remove inactive, bounced and unsubcribed users

Deprecated addons :
Connection_php_mail, Headers_specific, Mailinglist_country_code, Mailinglist_US_state, Name_fields, Tracking_ga, Upload_media.

Known bugs :
Mail revisions : not working as intended.
Using addon Tracking without Tracking_rewrite_url : tracking links in old mails are obsolete (no more .../mailpress/mp-includes/action.php for security reasons). Url rewriting is not possible because GET parameters have to be modified ! Has anyone a clue ?
Using addon Post : list of post in edit mail not sortable (some conflict with ajax and maybe gutenburk)
Using addon Form : full code review necessary.

To be tested :
Installation on a new WP site (done !).

Last but not least
This version includes a full review of email validity check + limit to 64 characters in an email. Hereunder, test results (when accepting international emails – SMTPUTF8 ) :

Future enhancements (tbd) :
Fixing bugs
Removing Google Map for Open Street Map

Waiting for your support !

Download MailPress 7.0 RC2 (197)
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