Is WordPress fat ?

I recently discovered a small tool called cloc (Counting Lines Of Code). You can find it on github. So i started to count …

Here is a little work i have just finished about WordPress from its first release to its latest.

First of all from the very start ( August 2003 ) to today, there has been 347 releases in nearly 16 years. The highest was year 2016 with 95 releases …

On those 347 releases, 216 are “out of sync” (when 3.7.24 is released when the latest version is 4.9 for example). The next graphs are putting aside “out of sync” releases.

And counting …
According to cloc, the first release (0.71) had 11.612 lines of php and only 147 lines of javascript. To compare to the last one, php : 215.904 lines and javascript : 233.494 lines.
Here is the evolution of code through the years release after release …

As you can see, javascript is now the first language in WordPress.

So what do you think ? Is WordPress too fat ?

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