MailPress 7.1 RC

Releasing today MailPress 7.1 RC

This release is currently under test on but i am waiting until the end of the month before releasing 7.1.
So, not for production but for test only.

  • Compliant with WordPress Export/Erase Personnal Data process (Privacy)
  • Bing & Here map api’s integrated + Mapbox v0.53.1
  • new Geo Ip providers : extreme-ip-lookup, ipstack
  • new addon “Privacy” to post privacy data requests via mail
  • Dashicon-ification of admin & map icons
  • better bot detection on Tracking
  • better spam detection on subscription form

Bugs fixed

  • metaboxes Draft/Test (admin write post) & Posts (admin write mail)
  • autosave (admin write mail)
  • tracking : capturing more urls
  • dashboard comment widget : fixing data type for a variable
  • message displayed correctly when submitting forms from Form addon
  • geoplugin, ip-api, ipapi reviewed (Geo Ip)
  • cleanup in stats table when (re)activating the plugin
Download MailPress 7.1 RC (171)


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4 Responses to MailPress 7.1 RC

  1. Ovidiu says:

    Hi Andre,
    are you reading the google mailpres group or the wordpress plugin support forum? Just wanted to ask where the right place is to ask question. I was having probs. upgrading from mp 5.4.? to 7.0.2 and posted in both but saw no reaction at all.

  2. admin says:

    I should have received a mail from the group but apparently no (or maybe in spam, which i don’t read) !
    I am going to have a look at your problem.

  3. Ovidiu says:

    Thanks! I think I know the problem: the google group tries to send the email notification to you using my own email as the sender but that breaks my DMARC setup so the email gets refused on your side, as it should.
    I guess I need to google how to include Google Group’s IPs to allow them as sending IP too.

  4. admin says:

    My answer is on the mailpress google groups (!topic/mailpress/B950cTSQGfM)

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