Implementing List-Unsubscribe and preparing 7.2

Last year, mid october, Aleksey asked for support on the {{ unsubscribe }} link and related process. Rapidely, the conversation went on how to implement a List-Unsubscribe header. I quickly coded some new add-on and made some tests. But i was not particularly happy with my code and left the point for a while.

In January, i decided to re-open this topic and to see what could be done. I coded a quick and dirty hack, but then again, the process was not working as intended. Something was missing ! So i digged a little bit further trying to get more information on how to implement a nice and efficient List-Unsubcribe mail header, looking for the “state of the art” in that matter.

Here are the results :

* rfc2369 - (1998/07) The Use of URLs as Meta-Syntax for Core Mail List Commands and their Transport through Message Header Fields
* rfc8058 - (2017/01) Signaling One-Click Functionality for List Email Headers
and not to forget :
* rfc2368 - (1998/07) The mailto URL scheme
* rfc6068 - (2010/10) The 'mailto' URI Scheme

To make it simple, in rfc2369, you can use the Mailto method and/or the URL method.
To avoid some automatic unsubscribing by antispam software, the URL method has evolved in rfc8058 adding more complexity for implementation (DKIM required). This last method is described as “1-Click RFC 8058” in the following post. Here is a little chart about how each method is supported by the major email clients …

As far as i read the documentation properly, the options are :
1) mailto method only
2) “1-Click RFC 8058” method if DKIM available ( there is an add-on for that since MailPress 7.0 )

In February, I started to code a new add-on called List_Unsubscribe. Today i updated the development version of MailPress in the plugin repository and added this add-on. I was willing to publish MailPress 7.2 (with that feature and other bug fixes) when WP 5.4 would be released. Due to the worldwide situation around the pandemic, and local guidelines and/or lock out, i prefer to postponed 7.2 until further notice.
It is important to focus on what really matters : our lives.
However if you have some time to test it because you are stuck at home like me, feel free to do so. The development version is available at the bottom of this page.

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