Reviewing code around newsletters

Just to post a few pictures about the last code review i made on schedulers and processors.
What is right under test for now (MailPress development version and also running on is having a day scheduler and processor that would be exactly the same than the “half-day” (see previous post).
After coding, you need to make simulations to handle different cases and to have the best tests possible.

Here is my last simulation screen. The first three columns are schedulers, the first one is the results of the previous code, the second column is the results of the new code, and the third one splits the day in two (half-day). The three following columns are for processors. Not all pink are errors, just here to highlight differences.

Once the code has been tested, i set up and test it on my dev site with a new newsletter. Hereunder is a sample of a new newsletter configuration xml file. As you can see the day is divided in two.

And here are the results i check using the standard MailPress logs. As you can see, the day is divided in two and posts are selected on a 12 hours period of time.

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