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First thing first, MailPress is back (since Friday) in the WordPress plugin repository.

Remember that PHP Mail is not supported anymore. So you have to have a smtp server whether you access it via smtp or sendmail.

To accept international emails, your smtp server needs to support SMTPUTF8

I don’t want to repeat myself, so don’t forget to read the previous posts about 7.0beta, 7.0 RC and 7.0 RC2.

Future enhancements :
Removing Google Map for Open Street Map (done !)
Fixing bugs
Review to be done for revisions and form addon.

Happy New Year !

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Releasing today MailPress 7.0 RC2

After a few mails with WordPress plugin team (the 9th and 10th of this month), i had to review my code once again essentially to sanitize what could be sanitize (quite a few items in fact) using the WP sanitization functions.
These functions are documented in two places : here and here.
That documentation seems a bit inconsistent by the way. I looked the web as well to find the best approach. Obviously tons of links but i selected this one.
Anyway, i tried to keep the best of these worlds to deliver the best :-D .

As an upgrader :
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Releasing today MailPress 7.0 RC

Requirements :
PHP: 7.x (prerequisite of swiftmailer 6.x branch).
PHP extensions simplexml AND intl (prerequisite of swiftmailer 6.x branch).

Major changes :
Contextual help available for each admin screen.
Admin ajax calls comply with WP standards now.
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